Service Charges

Sr.No Services Frequency Of Charges Service Charges w.e.f 01.09.2019
1 Cheque Book Charges Instance basis Rs.60/- per cheque book
2 Closure of Account Instance basis Rs.200/- if a SB /CA is closed within a year and above one year Rs.100/-
Rs.200/- if a RD/SDD/SWD A/c is closed within 6 months.
3 Issue of A/c statement Instance basis Rs.75/-
4 Issue of Duplicate receipt of Fixed Deposit Instance basis Rs.200/-
5 Stop Payment Instruction Instance basis Rs.250/- for SB A/c
Rs.350/- for CA/OD/CC A/c
6 Cheque return (Inward & Outward) Instance basis Rs.500/- or to the extent of balance available in the account whichever is less.
7 Standing Instruction Instance basis Rs.150/- One time charge (Except Interest payment on term deposits)
8 Failed standing instruction Instance basis Rs.100
9 Fund Transfer - RTGS Instance basis No charges
10 Fund Transfer - NEFT Instance basis No charges
11 IMPS/UPI Instance basis up to Rs.1 lakh Rs.5/- Rs.1 lac to Rs.2 lac Rs.15/-
12 Other services Issue of Certificates No objection/No dues/Balance/Interest charged/Cheque honoured/Account maintaining/etc. No Dues Certificate to Govt. Sponsored credit Schemes & in Rural Areas Instance basis Rs.100/-
13 Enquiry of old Records Instance basis Rs.200
14 Annual Fee for Debit Card Annually Rs.150/-
15 Replacement of Debit Card Instance basis Rs.200/-
16 ATM transaction charges Monthly First 5 transactions free
above 5 Txns - Rs.25/-
16 Debit Card PIN regeneration charge Instance basis Rs.100/-
17 Inter Branch Transaction (Cash deposit & withdrawal at Non Home branch) Instance basis Up to Rs 25000/- free
Rs.25,000 to Rs.1 lakh Rs.100/-
Above 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh Rs. 200/-
Above Rs. 10 Lakh Rs.500/-
18 Notice to loan customer Instance basis Rs.100/- for Bank Notice
Rs. 500/- or Actual Advocate Fee, whichever is higher for Legal Notice.
19 CERSAI Charges Instance basis 100/- for security charge up to Rs. 5 Lakh,
150/- for security charge above Rs.5 Lakh
21 Credit Bureau enquiry Charges Instance basis 100/- for individual enquiry, 1500/- for the institutional enquiry
22 Inspection Charges - Loan Account as per sanctioned limit Quarterly-Calendar quarter end up to Rs.25,000/- NIL
25001 to 50,000 Rs.50
50,001 to1,00,000 Rs.100
Above Rs.1 lac to 5 lac Rs.200
Above Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh Rs.400 Above Rs.10 lakh Rs. 600
23 Non-maintenance of minimum balance SB without Cheque book Rs. 250/- With Cheque book: Rs.500 Current account : Rs. 3000 General & Rs.1000/- for GME customers Quarterly Rs.50/- for SB A/c without Chequebook
Rs.75/- for SB A/c with Chequebook
Rs.150/- For current account
24 Dormant/In operative Accounts - Annual Maintenance Charges Quarterly Rs.25/- SB A/c Rs.50/- Current A/c
25 Account Maintenance charges Quarterly Rs.25/- SB A/c Rs.150/- Current A/c
26 Loan Annual Review Charges – For all Term loans as per sanctioned limit. Yearly- (To be recovered in March every year) 100/- for Loans above Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000.
200/- For Loans Above Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000
For Loans Above Rs 1,00,000 @ 0.50% of sanctioned Limit.
27 Pre closure of loan before the scheduled closure of Loan Instance basis 2% of the outstanding amount of loan which is preclosed.
28 Issue of duplicate passbook Instance basis Rs.100
29 SMS charges Quarterly SB Accounts: Rs. 15/- + GST (Excluding BSB, A/cs, Small Deposit A/cs, No-frill A/cs/Debit card transactions/staff A/cs)
Current A/c/OD/CC: Rs. 25/- + GST

Other Conditions

  • In all cases Goods and Service Tax as applicable, presently 18 %, shall also be collected.
  • The revised service Charges which are chargeable on instant basis shall be effective from 1st September 2019.